Adam’s Answers: Holiday Edition

It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone is rushing around trying to find that perfect gift for that perfect someone. I am sure some of you fancy yourself the perfect gift giver. Well, I have done extensive research with pie charts, graphs and pivot tables and have discovered that all gifts reflect the purchaser.

Ohhhhh, now I have sparked your interest haven’t I? Allow me to put on my lab coat and scientific glasses and drop some knowledge on you. Here is a list of gifts and what they say about you:

  • Vacuum: This means you are either very secure in your relationship or you don’t mind sleeping on the couch
  • Tickets to the Green Bay Packers Game: She got what you wanted not necessarily what she wanted. If she did want them she is a keeper!
  • Lottery Tickets: They were all out of gas station roses
  • UGG® Australia Classic Short Sparkle Boots: You want your lady to always have warm feet on those cold winter nights – and to look good too!
UGG(R) Australia Classic Short Sparkle boots

UGG(R) Australia Classic Short Sparkle boots

  • Clothes: You pay attention to her style and know what she likes
  • Jewelry: You are ready to take your relationship to the next level
  • Flowers: You are a cliché. And if it is a gas station rose you are a cheap cliché
  • Gift Cards: You will tell her it is because you wanted her to get what she wanted but it is really because you have no idea what she likes
  • Lingerie: No explanation needed

And the list goes on and on. If you would like to put some of the gifts that you have purchased in the comment section below I will gladly give you my scientific analysis on them. But know that there could be other meanings but mine are the most scientifically proven. 60% of the time I am right every time.

p.s. Make sure to watch all of the great holiday classics this year – Elf, A Christmas Story, The Muppet Christmas Carol, It’s A Wonderful Life and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Happy Holidays!



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