MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS fall 2014 trends

Discover the MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS fall 2014 trends no wardrobe should be without.

Michael Kors has redefined the essence of stylish American design with his cool, contemporary collections of clothing and accessories. Part of the Kors legacy, the MICHAEL by Michael Kors collection is a fashion-forward line designed for up-to-the-minute style, featuring signature styles with wonderful wearability. Making luxury footwear accessible, MICHAEL by Michael Kors boots and shoes are designed with a youthful audience in mind.

Michael Michael Kors fall 2014 trends

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS fall 2014 trends

On of the top trends of the season is the ankle boot – forecasted to be the “it” footwear for fall. Combining their sleek signature silhouettes with contemporary details, these extremely versatile boots add an on-trend touch to any ensemble. Ankle boots are one of the absolute hottest trends and the best part is they go with everything! Pair them with with dresses, skirts, leggings or skinny jeans for a fashion-forward, edgy look.

The MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Salem ankle boot is the perfect compliment to your autumn wardrobe. These sleek boots boast a cool buckle and leather overlay detail for a look that is unique and chic. Also available in black.



Another top trend for fall is ankle straps. The MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Brinkley pump adds an instant update to fall looks. We love the classic feel of this chic leather pump – perfect to wear now and through fall.



Flats have long been a style staple for women and are back in full force for fall. The MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Fulton moc flats are sure to keep you comfortably on trend this season. This Like the look? Shop the collection now at shoes.com to shop your favorite MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS fall 2014 trends.




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Fall trend: d’Orsay shoes

Fall is on its way – arrive in style with on the most fashionable looks for the season: d’Orsay shoes. Give your traditional ballet flats and pumps a rest and try d’Orsay shoes for an instant wardrobe update. They’re dainty, chic and sleek – not to mention comfortable (if you buy the right pair).

d’Orsay flats are on of the biggest shoe trends for fall. With a sophisticated and sleek silhouette, this feminine style gives your wardrobe instant polish. One of our favorites is the Steve Madden Elusion d’Orsay flat. Pair them with a flowy neutral blouse, fun black skater skirt, classic gold bangle and a big sock bun and you are set for a flirty fall look. We love the edginess of the leopard printed cow hair that gives this chic look a bit of edge. Also available in black, nude or metallic.


d'Orsay Flats Outfit Inspiration


Over time, this classic style has evolved in many ways. What’s hot now? This season’s d’Orsay shoes come in an array styles and edgy designs. Forecasted to be the “it” footwear for fall, d’Orsay flats and heels add a sophisticated, on-trend touch to any fall ensemble. They are one of the absolute hottest trends and the best part is they go with everything! Pair them with dresses or cropped pants now and simply add a jacket or sweater to transition with ease from summer to fall. We’ve handpicked a couple of our favorite d’Orsay shoes that are sure to be your new fall favorites and will keep you on trend this season.

The dv by dolce vita Geo d’Orsay flats give you a chic, trendy style. We love the versatility and timeless style of these on-trend flats– dress them up or down all summer long for a perfectly polished look.

dv by Dolce Vita Geo d'Orsay flats

dv by Dolce Vita Geo d’Orsay flats

The Fergalicious Cordelia d’Orsay pumps elevate any fall look. We love the classic feel of this timeless yet chic pump – perfect to wear now and int0 fall.

Fergalicious Cordelia d'Orsay pumps

Fergalicious Cordelia d’Orsay pumps

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Ace New Running Styles from Asics

Did you know that Asics, one of the premier makers of running shoes for men, women and children, gets its name from a Latin phrase? Asics is an acronym for “anima sana in corpore sano,” meaning “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” You’ll find peace of mind in helping get in shape and stay in shape with several new running shoe styles from Asics, available now.

The first spotlight shoe in our look at cool new running styles from Asics is the women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 9. This running shoe features an open mesh upper and perforated sockliner for improved breathability and moisture drainage, as well as a DuoMax® system to enhance stability and a WET GRIP® outsole that boosts traction on wet surfaces.

Women's GEL-Noosa Tri 9.

Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 9.

Women aren’t the only runners that get to take advantage of the GEL-Noosa Tri 9 model. The men’s GEL-Noosa Tri 9 is available now as well. Both the men’s and women’s model offer extra support for a more stable run, and come in vibrant colors to help keep you visible on the road, path, or wherever you may roam.

Men's GEL-Noosa Tri 9.

Men’s GEL-Noosa Tri 9.

The women’s GEL-Nimbus 16 features an updated Guidance Trussic System® for a smooth transition with a truly customized fit from the innovative FluidFit upper. New Fluidride technology gives 20% more bounce back with a 15% weight reduction for a more efficient run.

Women's GEL-Nimbus 16.

Women’s GEL-Nimbus 16.

For little girls, the Gel Blur33 2.0 is a great option. The mesh and synthetic upper keeps her feet dry during runs, and the GEL® cushioning system gives plenty of comfort and support, the kind young feet and legs need.

Girls' Gel Blur33 2.0.

Girls’ Gel Blur33 2.0.

Young boys should check out the Pre Contend 2 PS, which provides all the running technology you expect from ASICS with a convenient hook and loop closure great for young kids.

Boys' Pre Contend 2 PS.

Boys’ Pre Contend 2 PS.

Prepare to ace your next run with Asics.

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Spotlight: New Colors from Converse

Throughout the years, the iconic Chuck Taylor from Converse has been a canvas classic. Both the low, ox-style sneaker and the high-top All Star have long been wardrobe staples for everyone from the casual kid to the punk rock stars on stage—you rarely ever saw Joey Ramone wearing anything besides his Chuck Taylors. Black and white were, for a long time, the staples, but now Converse is constantly adding new colors and patterns to keep the classic sneakers fresh each and every season.

Here are some of our favorite new colors and patterns, available now from Converse.

Many of the new patterns and colors are available for women. The Women’s Chuck Taylor low top sneaker in peppermint has a pastel look that’s perfect for the warm weather months, all while maintaining that classic low top Chuck look with the logo detail at the heel.

Women's Chuck Taylor low top sneaker in peppermint.

Women’s Chuck Taylor low top sneaker in peppermint.

Another great new Converse look for women comes with the Chuck Taylor low top sneaker in a blue and white wash, with a slightly tye-dye feel that also evokes the clear summer sky above. It’s perfect for summer vacation.

Chuck Taylor low top sneaker in blue and white.

Chuck Taylor low top sneaker in blue and white.

Our final recommended look for women is the Double Tongue Low in charcoal and pink. This two-tone style is a slight variation on the classic Chuck Taylor low top sneaker, with a second tongue adding a pop of pink that takes a one-color sneaker and adds a fashionable burst of color.

Double Tongue low in charcoal and pink.

Double Tongue low in charcoal and pink.

New colors and patterns aren’t just for the gals. There are plenty of new looks available for guys too, and our first recommended look is the the Men’s All Star High in red, white and blue. The American color scheme is augmented with flag-style stripes and a stylized eagle detail to give patriotism a new look.

Men's All Star High in red, white and blue.

Men’s All Star High in red, white and blue.

If you’re looking for more of a solid color look, we recommend the All Star Lo in burgundy. It’s got the classic Chuck Taylor silhouette in a new, bold color that stands out without being too outrageous. It’s the perfect addition for a Converse connoisseur.

The All Star Lo in burgundy.

The All Star Lo in burgundy.

Our final men’s style is something a little different. The men’s All Star mid in a black and white wash has a rugged, weathered look, along with a padded collar that alters the silhouette a bit from the traditional Chuck Taylor high-top sneaker. You can still get that classic Converse look, but strike a different chord with this unique shoe.

All Star Mid in black and white wash.

All Star Mid in black and white wash.

We hope that you’ve found some new looks to look out for with these American classics.

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How to Measure Your Kids’ Feet for a Perfect Shoe Fit

Kids blast through shoes faster than they outgrow clothes, so you’re constantly sizing up their feet. Look for supportive heel counters, good inside cushioning, a built-in arch and sole flexibility at the ball of the foot. Try on shoes with the right socks, and do a walk-around test to check for pressure spots and areas that rub. Here’s the lowdown on how to measure your kids’ feet for a perfect shoe fit.

Ready to have their feet sized for the perfect fit

kids need shoes that fit properly – here’s how to make sure your kids’ shoes fit

Kid Kicks
It’s easy to measure even the wiggliest pair of feet for new shoes. Here’s our printable guide to fitting your childs’ foot. In a few minutes, you’ve got heel shape, foot length for whole and half sizes, and width — and the human whirlwind can dash back out to play. Be sure to measure both feet and buy for the larger foot. Measure for new shoes while the child is standing so that full weight is on the paper size guide. Accurate measurement is the first step, but you can’t stop there. Once those new shoes arrive, check to see that they cup the heel firmly, and look inside. Children’s shoes should be smooth inside with no stitching that hits the foot or bumps in the inner lining. Watch for heels slopping up and down as junior walks, and purchase high tops for the princess who turns her ankle, putting her at risk for sprains.

baby's foot being measured

Don’t be in a rush to cover up those baby toes

Baby Kicks
Baby feet are very bendy and usually pudgy with lots of protective, fleshy padding. Don’t be in a big rush to trap those baby toes in shoes. Even when Twinkle Toes is pulling up and cruising the coffee table or the edge of the sofa, his toes are gripping the ground to help him step and balance. Babies really need shoes for protection when walking on rough terrain — and for those occasions when they clearly make the outfit. Stand the baby on this paper chart so the foot is bearing weight to measure infant sizes from 0 to 4 and toddler feet from 4 1/2 to 10. By the time she can balance on one foot as you measure her for new shoes, your baby will be wearing pre-school sizes from 10½ to 3, and then grade school sizes from 3½ to 7.

Sports Stars
Your champ needs the right size shoes for summer camp and winter P.E. class. That often means buying more than one pair as feet develop. Skip the astronomically priced trendy kicks in favor of good-fitting shoes that you can replace comfortably after a growth spurt. Good value also means two pairs of shoes that can be rotated for even wear to delay rapidly worn-down outer soles or midsoles, broken-down counter support around the heels, or flattened inner padding and arch support. Try on new sport shoes with athletic socks, fully laced, late in the day, when feet are slightly bigger. Press the toes of tennis shoes from time to time, to be sure there is still 1/2 inch of room for each foot between the toes and the end of the shoe.

Shoe-Savvy Tips

  • Measure children’s feet — both of them — every time you buy them new shoes.
  • Don’t purchase new shoes to break in, no matter how cool they are or how dramatic the begging.
  • New shoes should fit well from the first wearing. Check small feet for redness to find out if shoes rub — that means they are too tight or too loose.
  • Little ones who constantly remove one or both shoes might be trying to relieve a poor fit.
  • Look for uneven heel wear because it can indicate a foot problem that should be seen by a podiatrist — a kid who is in-toeing will wear down heels faster than she outgrows the shoes and, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, the condition won’t correct itself if you ignore it.

References & Resources

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